The following scientists have already agreed to present lectures:

Special Isoprenoid 2016 Lecture:
Kenji Mori (JP) "Chemistry of Semiochemicals -A Personal Account-"

Invited Lectures:
Andrey Antonchick (DE) "The development of novel methods for direct oxidative coupling"
Rita Bernhardt (DE) "Conversion of steroidogenic drugs by adrenal steroid hydroxylases and
production of novel metabolites"
Jeroen Dickschat (DE) "Terpenes from microorganisms"
Adriaan Minnaard (NL) "Total synthesis of isoprenoids using asymmetric catalysis"
Shingo Nagano (JP) "Crystal structure of CYP90B1, which is involved in brassinosteroid
Douglass Taber (US) “Enantioselective conjugate allylation: Organocatalysis for the 21st
Mariano Venanzi (IT) "Self-assembly of porphyrin scaffolds, focusing on the effect of steroid units
to drive the formation of supramolecular structures of mesoscopic size"
Stanislaw Witkowski (PL) "Synthetic manipulations in polyisoprenoic side chains in Vitamin E
and K molecules"

Keynote Lectures:
Randolph Arroo (NL) “Developing Artemisia annua for the extraction of Artemisinin to treat
multi-drug resistant malaria
Alexander Baranovsky (BY)Solvolysis of 14,17-etheno-bridged 17-acetoxy-16-nitrosteroids:
Mechanism and synthetic applications
Marie Bicikova (CZ) "Neuroactive steroids and vitamin D"
Vadim Demidchik (BY) “Effect of brassinosteroids on ion channels and signalling in roots of
higher plants
Marina Donova (RU) “Phytosterol bioconversion as a platform for production of valuable
steroids: novel findings and prospects
Volodymyr Kravets (UA) “The effect of brassinosteroids on signaling systems and
metabolism regulation in plant cells under salt stress
Martin Hill (CZ) "Steroid metabolomics in prediction and classification of pathologies"
Alaksiej Hurski (BY) "Synthesis of the long-term metabolites of anabolic steroids with a Δ13-17α-
methyl-17β-hydroxymethyl fragment"
Silvie Rimpelova (CZ) “Natural and semisynthetic sesquiterpene lactones in cellular context:
Focus on live-cell imaging and gene expression analysis”
Miroslav Strnad (CZ) "Anticancer brassinosteroids and their analogues"
Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati (IT) "Zerumbone: the fascinating chemistry of a macrocyclic