Main themes of the Conference:


a/ Synthesis, biosynthesis and metabolism of steroids,
b/ Steroids in supramolecular and bio-supramolecular chemistry,
c/ Forensic aspects of steroid chemistry and biology,
d/ Steroids in sport,

e/ Ecdysteroids and brassinosteroids in medicine, food and agriculture,
f/  Biology and chemistry of side-chain oxidized  cholesterol analogues,

g/ Click chemistry to studies of sterol biology,
h/ Steroids as hormonally and non-hormonally active compounds (neurosteroids, vitamins D, saponins, witha-, bufa-, carde- nolides, ...),
i/ New steroids from natural sources.

a/ Synthesis, biosynthesis and metabolism of terpenes and terpenoids,
b/ Terpenes as pheromones, kairomones, etc.
c/ New aspects of terpenoids' biological activity,
d/ Bio-conjugates and supramolecular assemblies, medicinal chemistry imaging,
e/ New structural types, sources and applications.

a/ New naturally occurring isoprenoids and related compounds, their structural elucidation,
b/ Isoprenoids in immunochemistry and immunoanalysis,
c/ Physiological, ecological and environmental aspects of isoprenoids, chemical ecology, phytochemistry,
d/ Interaction of isoprenoids with receptors,
e/ Biosynthesis and metabolism of ispoprenoids, endocrinological aspects, structure-activity relationships, and bio-signalling,
f/ Phytoestrogenes,
g/ Isoprenoids in food, flavour additives, fragrances, etc.
h/ Practical application and utilisation of isoprenoids.

a/ Natural products related to isoprenoids,
b/ Any other interesting theme.

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